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Audits, Bans, Coronavirus, Data breaches….the nightmare ABCD for tax practitioners! What’s your Plan B?

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Who thought being an accountant was all about being an expert in data privacy, risk compliance and good governance? Well, the ATO, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and the Tax Practitioners Board for starters.

Any risk compliance breach, small or large could mean financial and reputational damage to you, your firm and your clients. Learn how to protect your practice, while still finding time to run your practice.

Our featured guest, Clare Bannon, Senior Manager - Professional Standards at CPA Australia, will share her insights and experience in dealing with everyday regulatory compliance risks for practitioners and CPA’s adoption of Thomson Reuters’ Risk and Compliance Learning content and expertise.
Webinar overview

Moderated by Rizwan Zaidi, Risk and Compliance Learning Territory Lead at Thomson Reuters, the Risk and Compliance webinar will:

  • Identify CPA Australia’s need for a risk and compliance learning solution for their members
  • Take practitioners through the development of their customised program, focusing on specific modules
  • Discuss the outcomes for their members.
Take action now! See how Risk and Compliance Learning can help form the basis of your Business Continuity Management plan.
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Our Speakers
Clare Bannon 
Senior Manager,
Professional Standards
Clare Bannon is the Senior Manager - Professional Standards at CPA Australia. Clare is passionate about connecting professional accountants to their legal and ethical obligations and ensuring that high professional standards are upheld in the industry. Prior to joining CPA Australia in 2018, Clare worked in professional services in the areas of risk and compliance, internal audit and financial crime investigation. Clare is a qualified fraud examiner and has worked in the enforcement division at the financial regulator in the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority. Clare originates from Ireland, and studied and qualified as a lawyer in the UK. 
Rizwan Zaidi
Compliance Learning Territory Lead,
Thomson Reuters

Rizwan is Pacific Region’s Territory Lead for Compliance Learning and Regulatory Intelligence at Thomson Reuters. As a certified GRC Professional and Project management Practitioner, Rizwan is a subject matter expert in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) technologies and training solutions and assists organisations in bridging gaps in their compliance programmes.