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Most firms and legal departments have workflow strategies in place to increase productivity, such as working in an agile environment with the help of document automation software, enabling practitioners to do more in less time for clients.

Legal professionals using legacy automation technologies may be missing out on the business advantages provided by Contract Express, the document automation offering so much more than drafting contracts.

What's on the webinar agenda

  • Workflow practices that firms and legal teams ought to question in 2019
  • Contract Express case studies - is your firm's success story next?
  • Demonstration on Contract Express, going beyond typical capabilities in the market
  • Tips on transforming your strategy in line with modern practices
  • Q&A including all your questions answered on Contract Express
Insights you'll gain from attending the webinar...
Michael Vassilieff
"If you suspect legacy systems and processes are slowing down your firm or legal department, this webinar is for you!

Join me and other speakers to learn how to get the most out of your contract automation workflow.

You will leave this webinar with actionable take-aways, inspiring you to generate documents for clients more efficiently this quarter."
Michael Vassilieff
Head of Sales,
Legal Software Solutions,
Australia and New Zealand